Sunday, 25 March 2007

A Different Handwriting

The new Pretty Boy Crossover record is on it's way - to be released on Sensory/Inertia in July 2007 - under the name of "A Different Handwriting". I guess this album is very much a turning point for Cailan and I - but when is an album not some kind of transition? We work quite slowly so there's always going to be the space of contemplation - as we've been working together for 10 years now, I think we're both getting closer and closer to finding that matching point of our influences finding their settling in the sounds. That said, this record really traces more of those glitch beats meets sub-tone mini-korg bass lines with some very shoegazey guitar - and with the age we are, hey, we grew up with the delicate and melodic-nasty sounds of early MBV and my favourites, Pale Saints. So, there we go. And on this record is our ongoing collaboration with Vincent Giarrusso - also from one of our favourite and all-time Australian influences, Underground Lovers. We have also made a rock-pop album with him too - under the guise. Look out for that on Popfrenzy around the same time... x Jase